Locks & Bonds Color Ring

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  • Contains all colors available from Locks & Bonds
  • Great tool for stylists offering Hair Extensions service to clients.
  • 100% Real Remy Human Hair.

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L&B Color Ring

The perfect tool to get a perfect color match for your own hair.

  • Great tool for stylists offering Hair Extensions service to clients.
  • 100% Real Remy Human Hair.
  • All Locks & Bonds Single Color Swatches for Euro Straight Extensions.
  • See how you can mix colors for endless color combinations!
  • L&B blends and multi-color extensions are always a combination of these basic colors.
    For example, color-blend #24/16/10 is always 1/3 of each color (1/3 Sandy Blonde, 1/3 Dark Caramel Blonde and 1/3 Light Brown). A two-color blend is aways 1/2 each color.

How to use:

  • Hold color ring swatches up to your own hair and pick out colors closest to your own.
  • For best results match the color to the bottom inches of the top layers of your hair. This is the color that will have to blend with the extensions.

L&B TIP: Do not store in bright light, or sunlight. All hair colors will fade if exposed to bright lights. When not in use, always store away from light like in a drawer or dark, non-see through, bag. As all hair colors will fade over time, please get a new color ring every year.

If you are a L&B stylist and have purchased a color ring over a year ago, and would like a new one, just let us know!

*Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch, since hair is a natural product and may be prone to slight variations.

We do not guarantee that we will have all colors in stock at all times. Please check available website listings for available colors at any given time.

Locks & Bonds tries to keep all colors in stock, however, there may be periods where a color is sold out for a few days.

Please note that our stock fluctuates hourly. We can be sold out of a color quickly and without notice!

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