Custom Clip-in Extensions

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Build your own clip-in hair extensions!

  • Lengths from 12 to 36 inches (31-91cm)
  • Available in 9-piece or 5-piece
  • Made with 100% L&B Remy Hair
  • Choose any colors you want! Single Colors, Highlighted Blends, Ombre* and Roots*
  • Triple-Wefted and sewn by us with TLC
  • Hand-Made especially for you!
  • Not sure what color you want?
    L&B Color Rings can be purchased “on loan”!
    Simply order one and send it back to us within 10 days for a refund of ring (shipping costs apply and must be returned in original condition)

PRODUCTION CAN TAKE APPROX. 14 BUSINESS DAYS (- do not count weekends or holidays. We try very hard to be as fast as we can!)

Important notice: If you need your clip-ins for a special occasion, a certain date, please contact us and ask if we can have them ready in time.
Production time depends on how many orders we have to make at any given time.
Each custom-order is hand-made and custom colored just for you. This takes time.
As a custom order, this item will not ship right away like all of our other items.
Please make sure to read complete product description below to the very end before ordering.
Please note that all custom orders are final sales and can not be changed or canceled once ordered and production has started.
Prices will appear when all drop-down boxes are filled in.
Read lots more info on this product below -keep scrolling!

*Ombre and Root colors are limited.


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5.00 out of 5

Due to relentless requests (thank you everyone!) asking us to start up our Clip-in Hair Extension production again, we are so glad to announce:


Great News for all of our customers that use our hair and want clip-ins to use between installs to have the same L&B hair and color year-round!
Available in your choice of:
-Solid colors
-Blended Mixes (piano)
-Rooted colors

  • Clip-in Hair Extensions available in any length from 12″ to 36″ !!! (31cm to 91cm)
  • Available in your choice of a:
    9-Piece Set (Full Set)
    5-Piece Set
  • Made with the same quality European straight hair texture that we use in our I-Tip Extensions and Seamless Tape Extensions
  • 100% Real Remy Human Hair with intact cuticles.
    Only L&B hair is used. We never source from other suppliers.
  • NO skimpy 1 clip pieces in our sets.
    (Everyone knows those pieces with just one clip don’t hold anyway.)
  • Triple-Wefted and sewn by us with TLC
  • The 9-Piece Clip-InSet has:
    • 1 x 8″ weft (4 clips)
    • 1 x 6″ weft (3 clips)
    • 1 x 5″ weft (3 clips)
    • 6 x 3″ weft (2 clips)
  • The 5-Piece Clip-in Set has:
    • 1 x 8″ weft (4 clips)
    • 1 x 6″ weft (3 clips)
    • 1 x 5″ weft (3 clips)
    • 2 x 3″ weft (2 clips)
  • We are one of the only companies that make clip-ins with the same hair used for semi-permanent hair extensions for best quality clip-ins.
  • Natural looking real 100% human hair, with hair of all lengths per weft, just like real hair for a real hair look. Don’t be fooled by so-called fake “double-drawn” hair. (Want to know more about this? Just ask us!)
  • Our Remy hair curls easily. Often holds a curl or wave for days.
  • Super small flat clips are virtually undetectable, even if you have thin hair.
  • Best U-Shaped clips available (we have tested them all)…with silicone for great hold.
  • These clip-ins will be hand-made just for you! Production and delivery time can take approx. 14 business days (perhaps longer if we have a lot of orders backlogged) but we will try to be as fast as we can!
    PRODUCTION CAN TAKE APPROX. 14 BUSINESS DAYS (more or less – do not count weekends or holidays. These are made especially for you and will NOT ship right away like our other products)
  • Please Note that all custom orders are final and may not be changed or canceled once ordered or returned as they are all custom-made items.
  • All custom orders will be shipped with Signature Confirmation as we may ship before you expect this shipment. We will ship with SC for your protection because of increased mailbox theft issues since online ordering has become so popular.

How to order with the drop-down boxes above:

STEP 1Choose the desired amount of pieces from a 9-Piece Set, or 5-Piece Set.

STEP 2. Choose the length, from 12″ to 36″ length:
Remember that the longer the hair, the thinner it may be at the ends and the more hair you will need for a full-head install.
The difference between 100 grams of 12″ hair vs 100 grams of 36″ hair for an install is huge. 100 grams is enough for 12″ full-head, but 100 grams of 36″ will not be enough for a full-head of hair extensions.
The most popular length is 18″ which reaches to mid back (bra-strap) on an average high torso. The sides will always appear shorter as they are clipped above the ears.
When choosing the length, be sure to order them long enough in case a trim to neaten up the ends is desired.

STEP 3. Choose Color Style:
Select if you want a solid, blend, or ombre color style.
***Check out all of our colors, streaks/highlights and ombres available in tape hair for clip-in inspiration here
And/or a color ring can be ordered here
Please note that since this is real 100% human hair, there can be slight fluctuations in colors from batch to batch. There is just no way to get the exact same color pigment each time and for each batch of human hair. We do come very, very close, but we have to mention this possibility. Also, monitors and cameras can alter color perception.
IMPORTANT FACT ABOUT COLOR #60: Color #60 Lightest Blonde is not a white blonde/platinum. It is a lightest blonde color level. It can be toned into other lightest blonde shades with toners if so desired.

STEP 4Choosing Colors (Solid or Streaks/Highlights):
Select the colors for the solid, 2-color or 3-color streaks/highlights. For the streaks/highlights, the colors will alternate. If you selected Roots, you will get an additional color option.

STEP 4aChoosing Ombre colors:
Ombre clip-ins are only available in 4 different color combinations: #1B/2/4, #2/6/8, #7/16/24, and #10/24/60. These combinations are the same as found in our tape extensions.
Each color will be approximately 1/3 the full length. For example if 18″ length is ordered, each color will be approx. 6″ in length with a gradual fade.

STEP 5Choosing Roots:
All root colors are about 1-1.5″ from the weft down. Select Yes or No.
For Single Colors: If you select Yes, and additional Root Color option shall appear.
For 2- or 3-color: If you select yes, the darkest color in the mix will be used as the root. You will not get an option to select a color. For example, if you select #60/613/10, then #10 will be used as the root color.
Choose a root color similar or slightly darker than your own root color.
Tip: Root colors do not have to exactly match your root hair color as they will be covered by your own hair, However, they are great because they offer darker hair at the roots so that the weft and clips are more undetectable, since dark hair is less noticeable than lighter hair.

If you have any questions at all, contact us at before ordering and we are more than happy to help!

***IMPORTANT NOTICE: Depending on monitor settings, color may not look the same on each photo. Ideally a color ring will help. L&B is not responsible if color does not look similar to your monitor colors. There may be fluctuation from color batch to color batch as hair is a 100% natural product!

From the time the order is place until the time we ship from our facility can be about 14 to 20 business days. Production times may vary according to how many orders we are working on.
This may not including the final shipping time to you, the customer, as shipping depends on the method selected when ordered. We will produce them a fast as we can!
Returns are not possible with custom orders.
We are making every set, custom hand-made and custom colored.