Virgin Hair Botanics Hair Extension Care Kit

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Virgin Hair Botanics™ is a 3-part system is all you need for optimal maintenance of your own hair and all hair extensions.

Purity & Balance to keep your extensions soft and silky. 

Will re-hydrate any dry or damaged hair!

The 3 products work in concert together to clean, replenish, hydrate, and properly balance the pH ensuring naturally smooth, hydrated tangle-free hair without silicones! No other products are needed to keep hair and extensions healthy!

  • VHB Shampoo 8oz – Cleans gently, yet removes residual silicone and mineral build-up from other products that damage hair. It clarifies the hair and makes it ready for deep hydration. Great to prepare hair for tape extensions and will not cause tape to slip. Not overly foamy or sudsy because of too many sulfates. Proper pH. Makes the hair receptive for step 2: The VHB Conditioner
  • VHB Conditioner 8oz – Correct pH level to align and smooth hair cuticles, reduce frizz and eliminates tangles. Infuses organic proteins to increase hydration, shine and smooth texture and to enhance the tensile strength of each hair. Will not make tape hair slip!
  • VHB Leave-In Conditioner 4oz- Prevents tangling, locks in moisture, aids in styling and protects from harmful UV rays. Provides thermal protection when using styling tools. Non oily. Called ‘“liquid gold”and a “must have” by our staff for all extensions!
    NO Parabens!
    100% Vegan
    Cruelty Free
    Optimal pH for Hair and Extensions!
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