Hi, i would like to give my testimonial about locks and bond hair extensions, i have purchased the virgin hair the longest length you have and i have one thing to say. AMAZING! i have been searching and searching for hair extensions that wont tangle or puff up and look like disgusting horse hair which i have had so many times and kept wanting to give up on extensions until i gave your company my last shot! and let me tell you. You now have a client that is dedicated on buying your extensions forever. Your promises do the work and your quality for the hair is just amazing. I finally look like i have real human hair on my head. But the best part about locks and bond is the price value compared to other company’s where you spend a fortune for and still are not satisfied. I believe your prices for you hair is fair. I am about to get my 3rd maintenance on my extensions and i still dont need new hair because mine is like new and im sure it will last me for two more maintenance until my new set of hair.

Kristina R. / Unsolicited E-Mail

I just want you to know that I’ve tried many products in the past and they have not compared or stood up to the quality, softness, and beautifulness that your hair extensions have. Your Virgin Remy, and Remy hair extensions are Amazing!! They are simply the best extensions I have ever used before. I bought 4 sets of extensions total, and they have almost lasted me a year so far. With using the Moroccan oil shampoo, conditioner and straightening products, these have helped keep the extensions soft, lustrous, and long in length. Other extensions I have used have called apart after only 3-4 months. Your extensions are very long lasting, and Beautiful

Erin D. / Unsolicited E-Mail

I also wanted to say that you guys have awesome customer service. I would never buy hair from any other company! Super fast shipping or anytime I have questions locks and bonds replies back to me right away. Excellent company! Thank u!

@burlycreek / Instagram

Thanks so much @locksandbonds. i used the 18″ blend, 60/613/10 with roots. My first time using this color but it matched perfectly…she literally left crying happy tears she loves them so much! I’m a loyal customer, I ‘ve used many extension brands and locks and bonds are by far the best quality and the colors are perfect!

Jenny Brooks / Instagram

L&B extensions are kind of my little secret.  Honestly, probably only about 5 people know I wear them.  When I first started wearing them a year and a half ago, I just added like an inch of length (even once a professor told me I looked really nice but he couldn’t tell what was “different about me”… I was just like, I dont know! lol).  I slowly got longer and now they’re at 18 inches and most people just think my hair grew.  I love the idea that they look so natural no one knows.  And I have the kind of hair that literally doesn’t grow much past my collar bones.  It’s so thin and fine and no matter what I do, I would never ever have thick long hair.  It’s just my genes!  For me, extensions have boosted my confidence more than anything in the world.  They are a life saver for girls with hair like me, they’re a lifesaver. 100% worth the money.

Rachel G / Unsolicited E-Mail

Your company is so amazing! Jim helped me over the phone today because I got the wrong size micro-link and was in a panic since I have a hair appt coming up really soon. I was sent the correct size free of charge and I’m so greatful! I will be ordering from you guys again. Great customer service 💜💜💜

Olivia C. / Instagram


These extensions are great. I have been wearing extensions for a few years and these are the best! This color is a perfect match for my own hair and all my friends want them!


Absolutely wonderful hair, top class. Quick delivery. Very very happy Buyer!!!


HI L&B ! Thank you so much for these wonderful hair that I bought for my daughter. She was about to make an appointment with her hairdresser for extensions that would have cost her $800, but then found your website : you are right, why should we pay $ 800 when we can get the same service for less than $ 150 ? They were so easy to attach and we had fun doing it together. All her friends want them now! Thank you so much for your help. Your customer service is great!

I have been looking for this shade of light blond forever! The quality is great, which is not always the case with light blond hair! Thanx I will be back!

C. from Santa Monica, CA

I bought these 2 months ago, and they are absolutely great.. They are the softest extensions I have ever bought. Even much more expensive ones were not this good. I highly recommend these extensions!


I saw your extensions while looking for different things to do with my boring bland dishwater colored hair and fell in love with these blonde extensions. I thought, yes, thats what I want to look like! So got together my courage and ordered them. When I got them, I was amazed at the quality of this hair! A dream! So I went to a salon in my area and had my dishwater hair colored the same blonde as these extensions and had the extensions put in, and cut and styled. OH MY GOD! I am not kidding, I can not keep guys from hitting on me!!!!!! I never knew what it was like to be a blonde!!!!! I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO BORING! Thanks Locks & Bonds for changing my life!!!

Suzanna, Orlando

The hair is gorgeous and voluminous. Long lasting. The keratin tips are very strong and have a perfect circumference. Use demi permanent color only.

I’m very impressed with this hair! Has a hint of a wave when wet, which looks very natural. Too many brown highlights made it look like a #2 instead of a #1B, so I colored it with professional demi permanent.

Hair Extension Artist

I recently ordered the blue, pink and purple extensions and I love, love, love them! I’ve previously had Great Lengths hair, and I feel the quality of this hair is the same, if not better but a much more reasonable price. Thank you!!!


The quality of the hair is outstanding! My only issue is that the color isn’t quite as vibrant as I thought it would be-and it could quite possibly be the color of my computer monitor. In any case, this hair is amazing for the price.


I’ve had Great Lengths and Klix extensions and the quality of this hair is definitely comparable. My only thing, and it’s a small issue, is the the color of the pink wasn’t quite as vibrant as I thought it would be. The again it could have just been my monitor. In any case, I love the hair and my clients do too!


This hair was perfect for me. It blended perfectly with my (after I died my own hair jet black) hair and it holds curls all day! This is the only place where I’ve found I tips for about $1/strand. Everywhere else is about $2. Not to mention the customer service is excellent. They respond quickly to my concerns and I have already recommended this site to 3 people!





I have tried all kinds of extensions from cheap ones to very expensive (Great Lengths) and these are the only ones that really match my fine, thin blond hair. Usually my extensions looked like thick asian hair with my thin caucasian hair on top. Never really great. But these extensions really match perfectly and I can not even tell where my hair ends and the extensions begin. These are just great and I love the price!


This is just great hair. You can’t go wrong ordering here. Fast shipping.

I have been wearing extensions for 7 years and the quality has never been as good as with locks & bonds. I am so glad I found this company ’cause my long search is over! No more browsing the internet till 2am looking for extensions! I now come right here and save time and money AND my nerves! This is my 3rd install with l&b and I am really happy with them!


Regular micro rings have always slipped too easily out of my hair. I have really, really thin and slippery hair. It was kinda frustrating. I am so glad I found these silicone tube here. They are really great. They do not slip at all. They are a bit longer and heavier, but it is totally worth it! I will only use these tubes from Locks & Bonds from now on.

Jessi in SLC Utah

Blends in very nicely, and silky. I never found extensions that blend in so good. 🙂 Nobody can tell I have extensions, and keep asking me how i get my hair so healthy and long. When I tell them about locks and bonds they want extensions too 🙂


I have been wearing extensions off and on for about 3 years and have become dissatisfied with my old brand. Don’t want to name names, but they must have changes their bondings because the last ones really started shedding after the first day! I’ve heard in the meantime from others on my hair extension forum that this has been the case with others that use the same hair recently. So off I went, searching again. Then I heard about L&B and I just kept coming back to this website for some reason…so, I thought I would try them. I am glad I did. The #613 wavy has so much volume and they really hold a curl well after styling. I do not just air dry them..I always use my iron to curl them. The curls hold for about 3 days with a light touchup in the mornings.


I have waited a long time to purchase these dark brown wavy extensions. I first tried them the beginning of last year and loved them. My only complaint is that they are always sold out! So they must be popular. This time I ordered more just in case they sell out again, even though they do last a long time. 😀

Andrea C. Cleveland

Super silky! Great quality hair for an unbeatable price. I’ve searched through a ton of websites and had many samples sent to me and this is the best hair I’ve found!


I do not even go anyother place to buy my hair anymore. After 6 years of wearing extensions, I can say, these are IT! I love this color. I have had dark brown hair, with this color as high lite streaks, and it look fabulous. Now I have bleached my hair blond again and use this color mixed with light blond. It it’s just great! Also shipping is alwyas fast, fast , fast!


Was lookiing for a darker brown, but could not tell from this pic what the color really looked like. But thought dark brown #2 would be too dark. So I ordered a pack just to see the color. The color is PERFECT for me. So I ordered 3 more. I only give it 4 stars because the picture should be better! But love the hair.

Pat from Dela Where?

I have been wearing extensions for a long time, this was the first time i ordered wavy extensions. I absolutely love them.  It took me about a week to adjust to having wavy hair, styling them, and just figuring out how to get used to them.  I don’t know if I will ever go back to the straight ones again 🙂 The quality of the hair is excellent, the whole purchasing process top notch. Very pleased!!

Michelle, Placentia CA?

BUY THEM, BUY THEM, BUY THEM! I gotta say, I look great! My husband loves me in these extensions! He can’t stop looking at me. I think all these years he has secretly yearned for a longhaired beauty…hehe, now he has one:) I strongly recommend these.

Farrah Blake, Texas

Wonderful hair, very quick delivery…I am very happy and I recommend those hair to everyone.