Virgin Tape-In Extensions

NOW AVAILABLE with Standard 1½” bonds

Longer lasting softness, incredible hydration, and incredibly natural!

This is the hair for true hard-core Extensionistas!

Stylists and Salons, this is the hair for your fussiest clients that want only long-lasting, forever soft extensions! The real difference to normal Remy becomes noticable after a few weeks and especially after a few months. Virgin hair will feel softer and last longer!

  • Virgin Remy is the longest-lasting hair available!
  • Made from 100% Pure Human Virgin Remy Hair
  • 100% Cuticle Intact – No tangle
  • Tape extensions will remain attached to your hair for 2 months or longer if applied correctly.
  • Use with Ultra-Bonds Tape Tabs to re-use extensions.
  • Available in 3 lengths: 20″ (51cm), 18″ (46cm), and 16″ (41cm)
  • Because the tape is so flat, they can be worn very high up on the head. This is perfect for us ladies with fine-thin hair.
  • L&B Tape Extensions are made from the same finest European Texture Cuticle Intact Remy Hair that many know from our I-Tips.
  • Tape Extensions are easy to apply and remove again without damage to hair.
  • Remove quickly and easily with 70-90% pure rubbing alcohol available in any drug store.
  • L&B Tape hair can be washed and styled any way you like. Holds curls great.
  • They are also pre-taped and ready to install by simply removed the white-backing from tape.
  • Choose different colors for custom effects! Since two tape extension are always worn together as a “sandwich”, use one color for the top tape and a contrasting color for the bottom tape for highlights or lowlights.
  • Available in 20-piece Full Packs, or 10-piece Half Packs to make choosing different colors more flexible and easier. You will not be left with too many of one color that you may not need.
  • 52-60 grams of hair per pack. IMPORTANT: Always know how many grams are in a pack before purchasing. Even though some companes may say they have 20 strips, the total grams per pack may be less!

Compare L&B prices with other brands by always checking the total hair weight and length per pack.

If a brand does not mention how many grams per pack, always ask before you buy. Many will seem better priced, but will have less weight (less hair) per pack